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Phillip Reed, also known as Mage1X or Crooked Pastor, is a multi-talented individual who is dedicated to living with integrity and making a positive impact on others. He wears many hats as an artist, author, credit specialist, producer, rapper, songwriter, and public speaker. His wide range of creative skills includes making tabletop role-playing game maps, drawing portraits and comic-cartoon style artwork, creating acrylic paintings, and crafting clothing and toys through crochet.

In the realm of music, Phillip explores various styles, with a primary focus on Rap and R&B. He humbly acknowledges that he has room for improvement in his craft and considers himself a perpetual beginner, always striving for growth. He is committed to personal development in emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and financial aspects.

Phillip is grateful for the support of his fans and patrons, which allows him to pursue his artistic endeavors without the challenges of being a starving artist.

Additionally, he has a passion for making hand-dipped incense, a skill he has honed since 1998. His incense is known for its potent aroma and slow-burning quality, and they can be found online at

Phillip Reed

Artist, Producer, Public Speaker, Writer

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  • eMail: info(@)
  • Phone: (951) 251-5512
  • Location: Moreno Valley, California



San Bernardino Valley College

1999 – 2000

San Bernardino, California

Art/Art Studies, General

Source of Light Schools

2000 - 2006

Madison, Georgia

Bible/Biblical Studies

The Voice of Prophecy


Loveland, Colorado

Bible/Biblical Studies

Evangelism Explosion International

2005 - 2006



Universal Life Church


Sacramento, California

Divinity, Metaphysics

Long Ridge Writers Group


West Redding, Connecticut

English, Creative Writing

Lamar University


Beaumont, Texas

Data Entry/Microcomputer Applications

Credit Repair Cloud


Moreno Valley, California

CRC Software Certification/Basic Disputing/Credit Hero Challenge

My New eBooks

Professional Experience


Feb 1998 – Present

Location Moreno Valley, California

  • As an artist I draw, paint, bead and crochet as a form of self expression.


Apr 1998 – Present

Location Moreno Valley, California

  • As a Songwriter I write songs of many different genre, yet mainly write Hip Hop/Rap and R&B songs.


Jun 1998 – Present

Location Moreno Valley, California

  • My team and I make body oils and hand dipped incense. We distribute them at bargain prices.


Feb 2003 – March 2011

Location Moreno Valley, California

  • As an instructor for the Federal Bureau of Prisons I taught Acrylic Painting, Calligraphy, Cartooning, Crochet, Story Creation & Application, Weight Management and Yoga.


Feb 2005 – Present

Location Moreno Valley, California

  • As a Minister I provide spiritual counseling, mentorship, community outreach and evangelism.

Freelance Writer

Feb 2012 – Present

Location Moreno Valley, California

  • As a freelancer I write fiction and nonfiction stories.


Jun 2017 – Present

Location Moreno Valley, California

  • As an Animator for IMPERIUM MARKETING GROUP, I make whiteboard, 2D & 3D animation videos to advertise a client's goods and services.


Feb 2018 – Present

Location Moreno Valley, California

  • As a Producer I supervise the making of musical recordings, especially by determining the overall sound. I am also responsible for the financial and managerial aspects of making movies or broadcasts.

Credit Specialist

Oct 2021 – Present

Location Moreno Valley, California

  • As a Credit Specialist for FICO Fight Club, I assist my clients with acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to take charge of their financial future. Part of this work entails assisting people with correcting or removing inaccurate, erroneous, unfair or obsolete information from their credit reports.